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The dj plays for the first printer

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Johannes Guttenberg died more than 500 years ago. To be precise passed away 543 years ago on February 3rd. On this occasion Dankó street 11 became a medieval courtyard for three days. For this three days young writers, musicians, puppet theaters, bookstores, publishers gather and celebrate.

“God put the first letter on Káin’s forehead. But not for getting him killed after his murder of a brother. It was a sign, for everyone, that there are things that only God can handle. He can create life and take it whenever He wants”

Address: 8th district, Dankó utca 11.

Poster Urban Outfit presents Dub Phase @ Mappa !

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

2011. February 05.

I.Ration + Jahfar – Dub warmup session (Tilos Radio)
Confused (Dub Phase)
Display (Dub Phase)
Kebab (Dub Phase)
Gumilap (Dub Phase)

Ghoulish Krajc Ufy Loope


Tickets for HUF500, you must be 18+ to enter. Good days for the babies are gone. It is such great weather out there kids, stay home and watch TV!